Parking Area

Graduands & Parent Parking Area
1.        All graduand’s and parents’ vehicle will be directed to the PALAPES Marching Field (marked as ‘A’). All graduands and families are required to use the shuttle bus service to Dewan Tunku Canselor (DTC)(marked as ‘B’).
2.       All vehicles are required to display convocation stickers on the front windscreen for identification purposes.
3.       Since the convocation ceremony will be on office hour and all parking spaces close to faculties will be filled with staff and students vehicles.
4.       All graduands and parents are advised to obey the direction signboard and orders given by Security Personnel’s on duty throughout the convocation ceremony.
5.       Kindly take note that shuttle bus services will not be available graduands who parked their vehicle elsewhere other than the PALAPES Marching Field.
6.       Graduands who come by motorcycle are advised to park their motorcycle around the High Impact Research (HIR) building (marked as ‘C’).