Receiving Scroll On Stage

The proceedings during each ceremony are as follows :
(1)          The Conferment of Degree will be announced by the respective Dean/Director of the Academy/Institute/Faculty/Centre.
(2)        The graduand walks towards the stairs at the side of the stage.
(3)        The graduand hands over the e-Card Convo to the officer in charge to be scanned.
(4)        Graduands are NOT ALLOWED to change positions with the other graduands after giving the e-Card Convo to be scanned.
(5)        Once the graduand's name is called, the graduand proceeds accordingly to the specific spots marked on the stage.
(6)        At the final spot on the stage, the graduand takes a step forward and bows to the Chancellor/Pro Chancellor before receiving the scroll using both hands.

(7)        The graduand walks across the stage and down the steps to return to his/her seat.