Dress Code (Graduands & Guests)

The Convocation Ceremony is a solemn affair. Therefore, all Graduands and guests are advised to wear formal attire for the ceremony .
Attire for Male graduands:  black lounge suit with long-sleeved shirt, tie, socks and black shoes.
Attire for Female graduands: formal attire or blouse with skirts or trousers, with court shoes. The dresses or skirts MUST be at least knee-length.
Attire for Guests: lounge suits, traditional attire, long sleeved batik or formal attire.
PROHIBITED ATTIRE: Shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts, bermudas, jeans, slippers, sports shoes, sandals and other inappropriate attire.
6) Friendly Reminders:
(a) The University appreciates your cooperation to comply with the above dress code
(b) The University  reserves the right to refuse any graduand or guest who is not appropriately dressed to enter the hall
(c) The temperature in the Hall is quite cold during rainy day. Please wear appropriate clothing to make yourself comfortable.