Invitation Card



The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaya cordially invites graduands and parents / guardians / guests to attend the University of Malaya Convocation Ceremony 2017.

Kindly refer to the following important details:

1.      Each guest must present a valid invitation card to the officers in charge before entering  the Dewan Tunku Canselor (Convocation Hall). The University reserves the right not to allow any graduand/guest from entering the hall without a valid invitation card.

2.      To ensure the ceremony runs smoothly, children below 13 years old are not allowed to enter the hall. Please ensure early arrangements are made with your family members on this matter. The invitation cards will be given to the graduands during the collection of academic gown.


Academic Degree

Convocation Invitation Card

Bachelor's Degree

Two (2) guests

Master's Degree

Two (2) guests

Doctoral Degree

Three (3) guests



Note: Any request for additional invitation cards will not be entertained. The invitation card is exclusive for graduands/guests and any profit making activities with the invitation cards are prohibited.