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When is the date of Convocation?

UM’s Convocation Ceremony takes place on the 13th October 2014 to 17th October 2014.

Where is the Convocation held?

UM’s Convocation Ceremony will be held at the Dewan Tunku Canselor on the centre of UM main campus. Guests may enter the main campus through Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya gates.

What time does Convocation start and end?

The convocation
for this year is divided  into 7 sessions. For the morning session, the ceremony begins at 9:00am and lasts until noon, while the afternoon session starts at 3:00pm and lasts until late afternoon.
All graduands shall assemble for the Graduand Procession on 7:30am for the morning session and on 1:30pm for the afternoon session.
For further information about the Convocation sessions, please click here.

Who participates?

All graduands, undergraduates and postgraduates, participate in the ceremony which is divided into 7 sessions according to the respective degree and faculty. The Dewan Tunku Canselor can accommodate more than 1,800 graduands and guests of each session of the ceremony.

Dress code for guests?

The dress code for guests attending the Convocation Ceremony is smart/formal. Male graduands are advised to wear a black suit with long-sleeved shirt, tie, trousers, socks and black shoes. Female graduands are advised to wear traditional dress, blouses, skirts, trousers, formal dresses and court shoes.

Guests are advised to wear lounge suit, traditional dress, batik or office attire.

Bow-ties, t-shirts, shorts, denim jeans, slippers, sport shoes, sandals and inappropriate footwear are strictly-prohibited.

How many tickets will each graduand receive?

Each graduand have to print the Convo Invitation Tickets according to the numbers below:


Convo Invitation Tickets

Bachelor's Degree

Two (2) guests

Master's Degree

Two (2) guests

Doctoral Degree

Five (5) guests

Whom may I contact for additional Convocation information?

Please click here for more information.

Why must graduands check and update the personnel information?

Graduands are required to update their personnel information to ensure the information printed on the scroll and academic transcript is correct. In addition, current information will be used as a reference source for the UM Alumni.

What is Tracer Study?

Tracer Study is a
compulsory annual survey made  to be completed by graduands upon completion of a degree. This study is used to gather information on graduands’ employment status and their review of past academic experience in this University.

How do I complete the Tracer Study?

Graduands can access the Tracer Study online by visiting http://graduan.moe.gov.my/ beginning 15th September 2014. Kindly fill in the survey form as accurately as possible and print a copy of the survey slip to be brought along upon collection of the academic attire. Failure to complete the survey form may consequently cause delay for the collection of the academic attire as well as collection of scroll and academic transcript.

I lost my student matric card; can I still collect my academic attire, scroll and academic transcript?


Yes, you may collect your academic attire, scroll and academic transcript by presenting your identification card for verification purposes.

How I will know I have fines and overdue books?

Please email your library membership number (X....) to query_perpustakaan@um.edu.my or contact us at 03-7967 3357 / 7765 / 3503 for clarification.

I lost my book. How to replace?

You are responsible for the loss by paying the overdue fines and also replace the lost book by:
i)     Replacing it with the same book or latest edition OR
ii)    Replacing it with new book or current publication (same subject, not available in the library collection and equivalent price
iii)   Pay current price of the book (you have to pay double the price of the book).

If I have library fines, unreturned books with me, can I attend my convocation?

You are not entitled to collect your convocation robe as well as attending convocation ceremony

Can I buy the academic attire? If yes, how do I make the purchase?


Yes, you may purchase the academic attire. The academic attire is sold either as a (1) complete set of gown, hood or mortarboard/hunter or separately. The charges for the sale of academic attire are as follows:



Items Price (RM)

Whole Set Price




Mortarboard (Bachelor & Master) / Hunter (PhD)

Bachelor’s Degree





Master’s Degree





Doctorate Degree (PhD)






Payment is made on the day you collect the academic attire. Payment can be made in cash at the Registrar’s Administration Division, Registrar’s Department, Level 3, Chancellery Building.


I am not attending the Convocation Ceremony. How do I collect my scroll and academic transcript? Can I collect my scroll and academic transcript through my representative?


Graduands who opt not to attend the Convocation Ceremony are required to collect their own scrolls and academic transcripts according to the schedule.


Collection of the scroll and academic transcript by a representative must come together with an authorization form filled in by the graduand, the original graduand’s student matric card and a copy of his/her MyKad/passport.


I cannot attend the Convocation Ceremony. Can I request my scroll and academic transcript to be sent by mail?


No, all graduands can only collect their scroll and academic transcript during their Convocation Ceremony as scheduled. For graduands who are unable to attend the ceremony, they may collect the scroll and academic transcript during the Convocation Week or within the following weeks after the ceremony:


Collection Period :

From 13th October 2014 onwards 
(Mondays to Fridays, from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm)



Collection Venue :

Student Services Counter, Examination Building, University of Malaya


I am graduating this year and 7 months pregnant. Am I allowed to attend the Convocation Ceremony?


Yes, you may attend the Convocation Ceremony if you feel you are physically fit for the ceremony.



I will not be attending the Convocation Ceremony. Am I allowed to collect the academic attire for personal purposes?


Yes, you may collect the academic attire by renting it for seven (7) days free without any charges. However, for rental of more than seven (7) days, a rate of RM20.00 per day will be charged.



Can I collect my academic attire on a day other than the day scheduled for my faculty?


Graduands are encouraged to collect the academic attire only on the day scheduled for their respective faculty. Early collection prior the academic attire collection schedule is not allowed. During the academic attire collection, related departments and divisions are centralised in one hall and counters are arranged for the convenience of graduands to fulfil the pre-ceremony procedures.



I ordered my academic attire online through Graduand Info Checking. Can I change the size of my academic attire?


Yes, you may change the size of your academic attire. Kindly inform us about your personal details and the changes via e-mail to bppjp@um.edu.my before 14th September 2014.



I am unable to collect my academic attire personally. Can I appoint someone to collect it on my behalf?


Yes, you may appoint someone to collect the academic attire on your behalf. The authorized person must present these following documents for verification purposes during collection:

a)    A copy of graduand’s student matric card or identification card;

b)    A printout copy of Tracer Study survey completion slip; and

c)    A printout copy of Alumni verification through the Graduand Info Checking.



I am unable to return the academic attire within the time given. Is there any extra charges or fines?


Yes, any late return of the academic attire after 3rd November 2014 until 31st December 2014 will be charged with a fine of RM50.00. Starting from 1st January 2015 onwards, graduands are required to pay the full cost of the academic attire.


Click here for further information on charges, schedule and the returning procedures.

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